What is Insurance ? Why Insurance is Important ? How many types of Insurance ?

What is Insurance ? Insurance is a means of Protection from financial loss in future. Insurance is Form of Risk management. Insurance is a Contract between Two Parties i.e Insurance Company & Individual. Insurance is a Weapon and way of Protecting Your Family & Yourself from Financial Loss.

What is Insurance ?

Insurance is a Legal Contract between Two parties Insurance Company (Insurer) and Individual (Insured). In Which the Insurance Company Promises & ensured to make good the losses of the ensured on happening of the ensured Circumstances.

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Type of Insurance ?

  1. Life Insurance
  2. Health Insurance
  3. Home Insurance
  4. Vehicle Insurance
  5. Disability Insurance

1. Life Insurance –

Life Insurance is Form of Insurance. We Buy Life Insurance to make sure your dependents financially secured in event of your suddenly demise. When yo die, Life Insurance Provides some money to the people who depend on you Like Wife / Child / Parents Etc.

2. Health Insurance –

As we all Know that Treatment Cost is Increasing day by day. The Insurance Company Covers the treatment cost in during Illness and Other Disease When we take Health Insurance. You should buy a generic Health Insurance Policy as well as Policies for Specific Disease. Every Adult Male and Female should heave health insurance Because we don not know what will be happen tomorrow.

3. Home Insurance –

Taking you Home is everyone’s dream. So Home Insurance can help and Covers with any damage or Loss caused to your Home during accidents Like Lightning, Flooding, earthquake, firing and Other Perils.

4. Vehicle Insurance –

Vehicle Insurance is very Important and Helpful Policy for every Two Wheeler, Three Wheeler and Four Wheeler Owners. This Type of Coverage will cover Medical Expenses Related to Driver & Passenger Injuries. In Case your vehicle has been stolen, In that condition Vehicle Insurance will be beneficial for you.

5. Disability Insurance –

Disability Insurance is Like Health Insurance. Disability insurance Provides Financial Coverage if Something happens to you in condition Like You are not able to do work and get injured. This Insurance can cover Temporary, Partially, Permanently, disability.

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